Strengthening the Global Dimension of Florida Cooperative Extension
International Extension Training Program 2015

Internationalizing University of Florida IFAS Extension Professional Development and Institutional Building

Overview of Dates and Activities

By the end of the training program the participants will:

Efforts to internationalize Florida Cooperative Extension are designed to build the capacity of state and county faculty to more effectively serve the needs of an increasing diverse state clientele by:

i. Developing inter-cultural skills of Extension faculty so that they are positioned to more effectively serve a changing demographic profile in the state;

ii. Building the strengths of Extension faculty to better support entrepreneurs in the agriculture, natural resources, food systems, and related sectors to claim their fair share of the global marketplace;

iii. Exposing Extension faculty to alternative Extension models and methodologies through travel to culturally different destinations and interaction with culturally different colleagues;

iv. Challenging Extension faculty to apply their skills in new locations through travel and service-learning experiences.

v. Building awareness and understanding of major worldwide efforts to modernize agricultural extension advisory services

vi. Identifying steps in the design, implementation, and evaluation of an international extension project/activity.

vii. Exploring successful deliverables and follow-up strategies.

Exploring Session 1- Exploring International Extension Programs

During Session One the learning team will:

1. Objective one: Explore the personal and professional aspects of working in different socio-cultural contexts and in an international environment.

2. Objective two: Address aspects of internationalizing extension including opportunities and constraints.

3. Objective three: Be aware of institutional programs focused on internationalizing IFAS and their role and opportunities in that process.

4. Objective four: Develop a team approach to enhance the learning experience.

Understanding - Session II - Exploring International Extension Activities and Resources

1. Objective one: Preparing for international extension experience, discussions with experienced faculty

2. Objective two: Explore international extension activities of other countries, What to expect during the international experience, discussions with Faculty and students of EARTH via interactive video

3. Objective three: Learn of different international extension resources

Observing and Participating - Session III - Program Planning for an International Experience

1. Objective one: Faculty, learn to share experiences and lessons learned from their international experience.

2. Objective two: Faculty, learn to develop a personalized plan for sharing international experience.

3. O
bjective three: Faculty, learn how to report back to local constituents and during professional association meetings.

4. O
bjective four: Faculty, learn to prepare for international assignments, developing an international extension system for Florida Extension and hosting international visitors.